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We are a family of six living in a small town in Idaho. We were in need of a dog that does not shed and is hypoallergenic. As we were doing some research, we came across Opal, our first Havanese. We fell in love with her immediately! Her temperament and intelligence won us over.  We knew we had to share this wonderful breed by becoming breeders.

Our Team



Opal Winfrey


Opal is our sweet snuggly female that loves to hike, play, and be around family.  She has produced amazing puppies with a wide variety of colors like brown, silver, white and black so don't let her black and white hair fool you.

Makell & Dann Brugger

Breeders/ Lovers of Havanese





Zorro is very cuddly and loves with all his heart.  He loves to people please and loves attention!

Meet Daisy she is our newest little snuggle bug! She loves to burrow in blankets and pillows.  She will also add a lot of color to the mix.  As a Puppy she was red silver and white.  I can't wait to see what color and temperament her puppies!



Koda is our chocolate addition to the family.  Our niece Emmee will provide a loving home for him. He is very calm which will come in handy living with 3 other female dogs.  I'm excited to have the addition of chocolate puppies to our breeding program!


Apollo is the newest addition to our breeding program.  He is Red Irish Pied.  He is playful and incredibly intelligent.

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