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Good Nutrition Matters!

Why I feed and recommend Paw Tree Food for your dog.

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I have been searching for a long time for a good high quality dog food.  I also have a dog that is allergic to chicken. This has proven to be quite the feat.  Most commercial dog foods have chicken of chicken product of some kind in it.  Paw Tree not only offered a variety of chicken free foods, they also don't add all the filler ingredients that you keep hearing recalls about.  

They offer high quality dog food at an affordable price and it comes right to your home.  Feeding your pet high quality food will lengthen their life and have you needing to visit the vet less often...saving you a lot of money.  Because this food is so nutrient dense you actually feed your pets less. Many health issues dogs end up with are due to poor nutrition.  If you feed them the nutrition they need they will thrive and be happy for many many years.  

Why can't I find Paw Tree food at my local Pet Store?

In order to be at the big name brand stores you have to continue to lower and lower your pricing.  This sounds great to the buyer, however to the producer of the food this means lowering its quality.  Everyone knows that you can't have a business by selling your product for less than it costs to make it.  In order to avoid this and to be able to continue to produce high quality nutrient dense foods, the CEO decided to use the Direct Marketing Business Model. 

Paw Tree offers way more than just dog food.  They have everything your new little puppy will need to have a happy healthy life from dog treats, to toy, to health supplies, you can get it right there on the website.  The best part is everything is 100% Satisfaction Gauranteed.  

Click on my link to discover the wonderful world of Paw Tree: 

Watch this video to understand why Paw Tree:

Why I am not removing Dewclaws:

After much deliberation and research.  I have decided to stop removing front dewclaws.  It is an outdated practice.  Most recent studies have shown removing front dewclaws can cause arthritis and decrease agility. They only need to be removed if they are causing problems.  Most of the time they do not cause problems.  I don't want to cause Arthritis and mobility problems in hopes to "prevent" rare issues that can be caused by having dewclaws.  Rear dewclaws are typically the problem makers.  Typically the Havanese breed doesn't have these.  If they do those will be removed. If you are really wanting them removed it can be done when they are Spayed or Neutered.


See the links below for more information that contributed to this decision.

Will my puppy come with Vaccines?

Yes! I believe in vaccinations.  I don't agree with over vaccinations and believe this can cause health issues in your new companion.  I follow Dr. Dodd's Protocol for vaccinations.  The link below takes you to the protocol I use.  Many studies have shown that your puppy has already come with antibodies from their mother. Some vet's disagree with this and would like to give your puppy a 5 or 6 in one vaccination.  I highly recommend against this!!! I have had 2 buyers report back to me significant side effects from allowing this. One had to be hospitalized over night.  Please follow Dr. Dodd's protocol.  If your vet say's he/she doesn't believe this, then please have them run a blood titer to prove that they still have the antibodies necessary to protect themselves from these diseases.  Some vet's also don't "except" vaccines given by the breeder and only "except" ones given from the vets office.  I give the same brand of vaccines as many vets and keep them in the appropriate conditions, just like at a vet's office.  This leads to over vaccinating and is very hard on these little puppies. Not to mention a higher vet bill. The dosing in those vaccines are the same for a large breed and small breed.  It can completely overwhelm their systems.  If your groomer, or trainer, or someone requires additional vaccines.  I recommend getting them individually and at least 3 weeks apart from other vaccines.  That way your puppy has time to grow antibodies without their systems being overly taxed. 

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